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51 pound catfish caught at reservoir

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BRANDON, MS (WLBT) - Here's a whopper of a fish tale that two buddies will be sharing at their favorite fishing spot.

Glenn Hopper and Carl Stevens will have bragging rights for quite some time after catching a giant catfish Saturday.

It weighed in at 51 pounds.

The fish is so huge that it can easily swallow the average sized catfish.

Hopper and Stevens captured the fish on a trot line set up in the reservoir.

Both struggled to get the massive bottom feeder into their boat.

"I finally eased back up there to him and he had him in the net and I told him three times I said 'Please, please, put him in the net.', because I lost one probably bigger than that last year up there because he got off the hook. He straightened the hook on that one," said Hopper.

While the giant catfish's size didn't break a record, Hopper and Stevens said there are even larger fish in the reservoir, and their goal is to catch a record breaker.

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