Gas prices falling throughout metro area - - Jackson, MS

Gas prices falling throughout metro area

By Roslyn Anderson - bio | email

RICHLAND, MS (WLBT) - This weekend motorists are hitting the road and gassing up along the way to find cheaper fuel prices. They're getting more mileage as they fill their tanks and fuel their boats and RV's.

The cheapest price we found in the metro area was $2.33 along Highway 49 in Richland at Kroger, Mac's and Murphy's USA.

"They have gone down a few pennies every week," said George Westscott of Richland.

We asked Westscott if he had plans this summer because of the low gas prices.

"No, I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing," Westscott replied.

"They've been drastically dropping here over the past few weeks. I'm in Mize and they were like $2.66 a gallon and been up here in a conference today so I came through here it was $2.30 something a gallon. I was like wow," said Earnest Burton of Mize.

 According to Triple A (AAA) in Jackson regular gas is going for $ 2.44 a gallon, a week ago it was $2.55, a month ago $2.75.the national average is $2.72.

"I just came back from California. It was about $3.30 there and some places along Texas were like $3.40, $3.50 a gallon and I'm excited to be home and the gas price is way down," said Kim Brown of Florence.

in Jackson, gas buddy led us to the lowest price which was $2.39 at Petro on Gallatin Street. That same price could be found at nearly a dozen gas stations in the metro area. Some motorists say the lower prices will encourage them to travel more this summer, but wonder what affect the gulf oil spill will have on future fuel prices. 

"I figured it would have already caused them to rise, but it hasn't so I don't know," Burton added.

"Somebody's gonna have to pay for it, and it's gonna be us," Brown said.

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