Meet Mary Wieden - - Jackson, MS

Meet Mary Wieden

Mary has been a Mississippian since 1980. She came to Jackson to anchor the news at a Jackson TV station.

She was born in Michigan and grew up in the Detroit area, Lake Huron and Heidelberg, Germany as a military child. Before coming to Jackson, Mary finished Michigan State University and learned news in Indiana and North Carolina.

After Jackson, Mary was also Capitol Correspondent for WLOX-TV on the Coast.

In the 1990s well into the 2000s, she did talk radio in Jackson, known as the Queen Of Talk Radio.

She did have a real estate license for a few years, but Mary knew where she truly belonged as a broadcast professional.

"It is an extreme honor to succeed, not replace, the late great Chopper Bob Rall as Skycopter 3 reporter. Bob was my friend and mentor and his passing was such a shock. Among the challenges of the job - trying to live up to the standards he set in his over 10-years on and in the air. It's also a great honor to do this job on Mississippi's Number 1 television station!"

Mary is married and lives in the Jackson area.

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