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Home of Your Own Program helps people with disabilities

By Ashley Conroy

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - As part of National Homeowners Awareness Month, the University of Southern Mississippi's Institute for Disability Studies is helping people with disabilities get available resources in purchasing a home.

Homeowner Micah Miller first purchased his home in 2009 after saving for three years.

Micah's mother Shirley Miller said her son has a learning and language disability. She said he is very independent and when he first approached her about buying a home, she knew he was ready.

"He asked me how much rent was and I told him it was about $600 or $700 depending on where you live. And he said, 'well I could buy a house,' and I said, well yeah you could," said Shirley Miller.

The program is called "Home of Your Own" and since they first began in 1997, they've helped over 370 people just like Micah Miller get the proper tools to buy a home.

"A lot of individuals are not aware of the type of mortgage products and grants that are available in helping them achieve home ownership," said Home of Your Own Housing Counselor Nita Martin.

At 27, Micah Miller said he's thrilled to be a homeowner, and recommends the Home of Your Own program to anyone in the market.

"I recommend a home of your own program. It makes me feel like an adult and I can do anything," said Micah Miller.

Martin said for many this program isn't only about purchasing home, but also about gaining independence.

"I do notice as they finish our program, they become homeowners, and they have a greater sense of pride in themselves," said Martin.

Martin said the entire program takes about a year to complete, and said they also have a "post" purchasing counseling session.

The Home of Your Own program is hosting a free workshop at the Medgar Evers Library in Jackson, June 19th.

For those interested in the program you can call 1(866) 883-4474.

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