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3 On Your Side: abandoned duplex revisited

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By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Last September, Jackson code enforcers answered 3 On Your Side's call about the sewage leaking from the abandoned duplex next to Margaret Robinson. Code enforcers came out the same day and took action.

At that time, Robinson also showed us evidence of vagrants entering through the unlocked doors and partying inside the duplex.

Since our story aired last year, the landlord, Napoleon Moore, has come by and boarded up two doors and a window, so vagrants haven't been inside. But there's still a problem with upkeep of the property. "I paid all last year to get it cut, I refuse to pay this year. The grass is knee deep," she says.

The back yard of the abandoned property is a jungle, just like it was last year.

Robinson says code enforcers were supposed to maintain the property, then bill the landlord for their work. But she says that hasn't happened. "No more than they came to clean the sewage out, no one ever showed up again," she says.

A neighbor on the other side of the house is upset too. "There has been a big problem with the insects. Unless they cut this, no matter what I do over here it's not gonna make a difference," says Dave Chaney.

Robinson can't get through to Moore. "I always get a voicemail, and it's full," she says.  3 On Your Side attempted a call, and also received a message that his voicemail was full.

The City of Jackson says code enforcement came out to inspect the property last week. That's step one in the process. Step two, a council order will be prepared to take care of the property and bill the landlord. Finally, the council will vote on the order.

A city spokesperson says the process could take several weeks. Meanwhile, the lot will continue to grow. "I am tired. Very tired," Robinson says.

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