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Pearl police apologize to family for raiding wrong home

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PEARL, MS (WLBT) - Pearl police are apologizing for raiding the wrong house last Monday evening when they thought they were going to the rescue of a drug informant in trouble.

It happened on Robert Michael Drive. They thought they were going to 473, but they actually went to 481 Robert Michael Drive, two doors away.

The Gerhart Family at 481, has hired a lawyer and plans to sue the police department for being held at gunpoint in their own home.

Twenty-one year old Brett Gerhart says he was put on the ground, at gunpoint, and told if he moved .it would be his last move.

Pearl Police Spokesman Butch Townsend, had to do the apologizing for officers going to the wrong house.

"Our chief came to that scene and did everything in his power to make it right, we offered them medical attention, we told them we would pay for the damaged property.  The next day the sheriff's office offered to pay for any medical bills that might be incurred," Townsend said.

Police made an arrest, but will not identify the suspect saying the investigation is ongoing.

The informant was rescued without being harmed.


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