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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods-Valley Apartments

By Howard Ballou  - bio | email | twitter

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A mother of three complained her apartment is in desperate need of repair but the manager is doing nothing about it. The Valley Apartment complex is located on 1576 West Capitol Street.

The woman asked not to be identified because of an abusive ex-husband. She says she doesn't want him to find her at her new residence. She does want something done about what she calls deplorable living conditions in her unit at Valley Apartments. 

She said, The electrical in my room, my son's room, it had caught afire like last week and then the bathroom was here just like that when I just moved in. I expect her to fix it, but she didn't fix it." 

Asked why she didn't just move out, she said, "If I had, you know, it's hard to find something with the income that I have. I'm disabled." 

Sheila Sanders manages Valley Apartments. She says several of her tenants have disabilities and she helps them as much as possible. She also told us the woman who called us is her assistant manager. 

Sanders said, "She had a rush because her son was moving in with her so she needed more space, so we accommodated her by repairing one of our units and putting in new floors and painting and there was some other work that needed to be taken care of." 

Sanders says she's only had two complaints since she's been managing the apartments; one of them a mentally challenged tenant who is now moving out. 

Robert Thomas moved in two months ago. He said, "Oh, I love it. I like it. I really do; I love it. It's comfortable." 

The day after we arrived, the apartment's maintenance staff began working on the apartment occupied by the woman who complained to WLBT. Sanders says there are only two maintenance workers on staff. 

She said, "I would like to reassure all my tenants here that we will definitely try to accommodate them in a timely manner. I've always sent out memos to all the tenants that if there's something that you need taken care of on your unit, we have work orders that we have to fill out. Most of them try to grab the maintenance man and tell him to do it right then and there but that's totally impossible." 

Jackson's Community Improvement manager, Claude Smith, says apartment dwellers, just like homeowners, are invited to contact the city with concerns about their dwellings. He says his code enforcement officers will come out and inspect and take appropriate action; something Sheila Sanders says she has no problem with. 

She said, "We're also working very closely with the city, the energy company; we're working really close with them anytime they say we have to do something, we make sure we get that done; with the fire department and also with our insurance companies, so we try to make sure we get everything done and we constantly try to make improvements." 

And that's good news for the woman who called WLBT and her three children. 

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