Opening ceremonies for the International Ballet Competition - - Jackson, MS

Opening ceremonies for the International Ballet Competition underway

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Right now, the capitol city is gearing up for the opening ceremonies of what's been called "the most important ballet competition in North America."

The International Ballet competition began Saturday night at Thalia Mara Hall in downtown Jackson. 

The Olympic style opening ceremonies will kick off in just over an hour, and right now the main act is gearing up for the show.

The Bad Boys of Dance, a Maryland-based act is headlining the opening ceremonies as part of their world tour. The founder is a former gold medalist in the International Ballet competition.

Rasta Thomas says the IBC helped launch his career in dance, and headlining tonight's opening ceremonies has special meaning.

"It's a wonderful honor, it's feels like coming home and coming full circle. I'm just very fortunate to be able to put my spin on what I think dance should look like today," said Thomas.

But there's much more to the opening ceremonies than the Bad Boys of Dance. There will also be an Olympic-style torch and procession of flags. With two weeks of competition and amazing performances to follow. Here to tell us more about all that's to come is Bruce Marks, Chairman of the IBC Jury.

There are 100 competitors from 34 different countries.

Tickets range from $25 to $50 dollars. For more information, you can call the box office at 601-973-9249.

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