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Yazoo storm workers claim no pay

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By Ashley Conroy

YAZOO CITY, MS (WLBT) - An issue of "he said, he said", and people claiming they haven't received payment. This debacle all goes back to the April 24th storms that struck the state. 

Federal money was issued to FEMA to hire a contractor to clean up debris across multiple counties.

Southern Contracting Service was hired for the bid. Owner Don Coleman hired a sub-contractor, Dennis Hall Construction, to help with debris removal in Yazoo City.

Hall's Construction then hired a small team of Yazoo residents to help him out.

However, the team Hall hired says they were paid only a portion of what they earned.

Gregory Baily said Hall hired him to be in charge of his project. Baily said Hall offered to pay him $90 a day, but that Hall only paid him for one weeks worth in addition to other workers who were hired for the job.

"I feel obligated to them, I helped them get a job," Baily said.

Baily's kept a short log of how much money is owed to him and others. But so far, he says only a portion has been paid out.

"He owes the laborers $2,960, and the truck drivers. [They] received a small portion of what they were supposed to get," Baily said.

Hall said in a statement to WLBT: "They will get paid, we don't do business like that."

In addition, Hall said he couldn't pay his workers because he wasn't making enough money with the project to pay out what he owed. Then Hall said he was fired.

Don Coleman spoke with WLBT and said the reason Hall was fired was because he wasn't paying his workers.

Coleman says he's consulting legal council, and his council advised him that he is solely responsible for paying his sub-contractor. Coleman says he's already paid Hall a large portion of what is owed.

Meantime, Baily is concerned he will not receive his full pay out amount, for what he says, "Was an honest days work, for an honest days pay."

But Baily adds that he believes someone should be held responsible whether that is Hall or Coleman.

"And whatever legal action we have to take, we going to do it to get our money."

Baily says he's called a meeting to discuss the rest of this matter with Hall on Friday in Yazoo City.

Hall told WLBT he plans to meet with Baily and resolve this issue.

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