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Politician's face plastered on urinal cakes

BONITA SPRINGS, FL (NBC) - When you head to the restroom to do your business, you don't expect to see a face staring at you, especially one of a politician.

"One of our regulars walked out and said, 'Whose face am I peeing on?'" said Angela Johnson, a bartender at Lansdowne Street in Bonita Springs, Florida.

The face popping up on urinal pucks around Bonita Springs is that of fire commissioner candidate and former city councilman Pat McCourt.

A group called Citizens Against Destruction claimed responsibility for releasing the cakes into the public - naming the Lansdowne Street Pub and the Hickory Fishing Nook as two of many locations where people could "express their feelings about McCourt."

The group goes into detail on their website about their frustrations with McCourt. They say he's gone on record in the past about running the Bonita Springs Fire Department on bare bones.

"We didn't know it was done, in fact it was brought to our attention yesterday. I had no idea," said Johnson.

We went to both businesses listed in the email and both times staff members said they were so worried about what was happening at the front of their business, they had no idea what was happening in the bathroom.

"For all I know it could have been there a week, I don't know," said Joe Dodd, a chef at the Hickory Fishing Nook.

No one asked business owners if they could place the political puck and that has employees at the Hickory Fishing Nook upset over who it may have offended.

"Customers coming in and obviously don't want to see someone's face in a urinal. So, we'll take them out," said Dodd.

McCourt said he did not want to dignify the campaign with a response.

Torre Wisher, a server at the Fishing Nook, is betting that he's not smiling about it.

"He's probably not very happy, I'm not sure what he can do about it," Wisher said.

For now though, all he can do is hope for the last laugh on Election Day.

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