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Madison County residents speak out against proposed landfill

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Madison County residents share their concerns over a proposed landfill in a meeting Thursday.  It was hosted by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).

It was standing room only at the Potter's House Fellowship Baptist Church on West County Line Road.  Its pastor was one of the first to speak out against the proposed North County Line Road or NCL solid waste landfill which would be placed right alongside the existing solid waste landfill Little Dixie.

"When it floods the parking lot it carries an odor and a stench in our parking lot, so we don't want another landfill," said Potter's House Pastor Isaiah Williams of the Little Dixie landfill on North County Line Road. 

As it stands, the proposed NCL landfill would sit on 165 acres.  It would be nestled between two other landfills, Little Dixie to its south and a smaller rummage landfill to its north.

"Many of the same problems occurring with Little Dixie would occur with another landfill, stench from all directions, depreciating home values," said Sylvia Thomas who lives nearby on Ledora Lane.

"It's all about money.  That's all its about," said Ridgeland resident Mary McLaurin.

At least one group of homeowners is cooperating with NCL developers. They are being compensated for doing so.  An attorney for the group spoke out to a disapproving crowd.

"You got two landfills.  You got a plot of land between two landfills.  What else can you put there?" said Bryant Clark, attorney for North County Line-Thomas Lane Homeowners' Association.

The Madison County Board of Supervisors has already approved the NCL landfill while Hinds County supervisors are appealing it to the Mississippi Supreme Court.  Madison County Supervisor D.I. Smith is fighting against adding another solid waste landfill to the county.

"This would be the third.  Three out of 19 in the entire state of Mississippi.  We're just saying why us?  Why so many?  How many is enough?" asked Smith.

Officials with MDEQ will compile all the residents statements as they review all the permits for the landfill.

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