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New property codes for reservoir-area home and business owners

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By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

When you think of life at the Ross Barnett Reservoir, you think of manicured houses and pleasant streets. But as neighborhoods age, some residents stop caring. Ask Kristi Loughrige, Member of the Forest Point Homeowners Association.

"It's a big nuisance," she says, referring to renters who have no pride in ownership, or houses that don't sell and sit vacant. The grass grows, paint peels, and boats and cars rot in the yards.

"We're sick of our property values going down. Even a few homeowners, but mostly renters, are (not keeping up) their properties," she says.

Loughrige is happy to hear about the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District's new property code, passed Thursday. The International Property Maintenance Code is a standard form used in many towns across the country. It requires residents to keep their yards and houses reasonably neat and clean. An amendment to the code, added by the PRV, prohibits parking cars or boats or storing indoor furniture or other junk in a place that can be seen from the street or sidewalk.

John Sigman, General Manager of the Ross Barnett Reservoir, says code enforcers are already out. "If someone doesn't clean up their property after 31 days, we can issue them a citation from our patrol, our Reservoir Police force. Then that goes into justice court," he says.  Violators face fines or even jail time.  

Forest Point Homeowners Association members hope it makes a difference. "As you can tell, most of the homes here are nice. It's a great area to live, but you always have one or two homeowners who bring the property values down," says Chris Campbell.

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