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BP CEO removed from his post

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(WLBT) - The day after he seemed to stonewall congress on the cause of the gulf oil disaster, BP CEO Tony Hayward has been pulled by the company as head of the spill response.

BP's chairman announced Hayward is handing off oversight of drilling operations in the gulf to BP's Managing Director Bob Dudley. According to the press register, Dudley grew up in Hattiesburg, often spending summers on the Gulf in Biloxi and Gulfport. The chairman of BP, said comments by Hayward have had detrimental effects' as the company tries to control the fallout from the disaster. Dudley has been in the trenches during the coastal crisis. Earlier this month he toured along the shore of Louisiana's East Grand Terre Island with Governor Bobby Jindal.

The 54-year-old called the situation "tragic", saying you can see it on TV, but seeing it in person is a completely different experience.

"There's nothing like seeing something and feeling it, smelling it and talking about it- 'on your hands?' on my hands. So yes, it's emotional. I have a very emotional reaction to it," said Bob Dudley, BP's Managing Director.

Thursday, members of a House Congressional committee tried to get answers about the Gulf oil spill. Among other things, they accused Hayward of insulting the intelligence of the American people and not being forthcoming with information. Also, weeks after the disaster in the gulf, Hayward told reporters that he 'was ready to get his life back.' there was no announcement as to Hayward's new capacity within the company.

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