Governor Barbour shares his thoughts on BP oil spill with "Meet The Press" - - Jackson, MS

Governor Barbour shares his thoughts on BP oil spill with "Meet The Press"

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WLBT) - The head of the new office set up to handle damage claims from the Gulf oil spill says every eligible and legitimate claim will be paid and will be paid promptly.

On "Meet The Press" Sunday, Ken Feinberg, says he wants victims to come forth and file claims as quickly as possible. so that his office can get them their money.

And he along with others on Sunday's program such as Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, defended the $20 billion dollar fund saying it is not a shakedown of BP, but rather just a start of what the oil company owes the people in the gulf.

"Meet The Press" moderator, David Gregory asked Governor Barbour, "What is your assessment of how well coordinated the federal, state and local officials are, not only in your state, but also in Louisiana and Florida?"

Barbour answered, "Nothing is satisfactory until the well is shut in. When the well's capped and then clean up the oil and then BP pay the bills. Until all of that is done, nothing is satisfactory. But as I've said before and I said it to the president, I think that the government has done more right that wrong. I thought appointing Ken Feinberg, who's got a great reputation that is well deserved, is good for BP and good for the government. Leave BP out of that. But BP's got to pay."

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