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Rehabbed bald eagle released into the wild

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WARREN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) – A badly injured bald eagle found in Warren county 10 months ago has been released to the wild.

Care givers nursed the once endangered animal back to health and set it free Sunday evening.

It took quite a bit of coaxing for the female eagle to fly to freedom.

The carrier lid had to be removed so that she could see the sky above and finally soar.

This two year old was found starving near the Tara Wildlife Reserve in Warren county.

Becki Bolm nursed it back to health after it was unable to fly.

"This is what we've been waiting on, her release. She's been in rehab since August 13th of 2009 and she was able to get height and get over that tree. That was the most important part to me," said Bolm.

Experts said the bird is two years old and has not developed the distinct white head commonly associated with the bald eagle.

Her rescuers believe she will be able to survive on her own.

"You hope that in the wild they can adapt to the wild on their own, but they're so rare down here I think it's very tempting to try and save this one and I think Becki's done a wonder job rehabbing it," said Tara Wildlife Manager Gilbert Rose.

 WLBT's Bert Case first introduced us to the bird and her care takers in early June.

This Sunday evening he joined her rescuers helping to release her back into the wild, taking flight into the tree tops.

"It makes me excited and sad because I'm going to miss her. she's been a great bird."

The eagle was released Sunday to coincide with the date the bald eagle was selected as the national emblem of the United States, that was June 20, 1782.

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