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Jackson restaurant owner uses action plan for water crisis

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By Bert Case - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Bravo restaurant owner Jeff Good has been through these water crises so many times he has developed a computerized action plan that lists steps to be followed under various scenarios.

Good wasted no time getting water boiled and bottled water brought in and then started systematically following his plan.

"Unfortunately, Bert, this is not our first rodeo.  We have been through this process quiet a few times," said Good.  "We all know our city has some aging infrastructure and some issues, but we are not angry.  We are not mad.  It's a little bit tiring, but we are ready to react."

As a result of his planning, there was very little interruption at Bravo as people came in for lunch and were quickly served.

Elsewhere in the city, it was quite a shock to see the Metrocenter Mall shut down, even though the Sears store there was still open.

The mall had an answering machine message telling people to listen to local radio and watch television to see when they would re-open.

This capital city of some 185,000 people was disrupted and caused some problems by the loss of water pressure, but the major problem is that the water has to be boiled.

By mid-afternoon Thursday the pressure was rapidly being restored, but the state government appeared to be shut down.  Governor Haley Barbour allowed department heads to send home all but essential personnel.

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