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Flock of geese become nuisances to reservoir residents

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By Bert Case - bio | email

ROSS BARNETT RESERVOIR (WLBT) - Thousands of the big birds, which multiply rapidly have taken up permanent residence at the 33,000 acre lake northeast of Jackson.

While many people think they are beautiful, there are many others who just want to get rid of them because of their droppings.

People who live on the water have the geese landing in their back yards constantly. The Humane Society of the United States "objects to killing wild animals, simply because they are regarded as nuisances."

Reservoir Manager John Sigman is caught in the middle. 

"The next action is to drop back and read all the literature and all the information we can find and then come up with a plan that we can pass out to our lease holders and our visitors at the reservoir. We have had a lot of calls both pro and con and people are very emotional about it," Sigman said.

It is estimated the geese can drop up to a pound of waste a day. Reservoir resident, Jim McDowell, one of the first to publicly object to the goose droppings summed it up this way.

"If the reservoir could find a way to just periodically just clean the piers, wash down the boat docks, and remove the remnants, then I think everybody would get along with the geese much better," McDowell added.

First they tried to catch the geese and euthanize them, then just move them and they ran into trouble with the federal government on both counts. Now they are trying to come up with a compromise.

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