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Oil reached the beach shores of Mississippi Sunday

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By: Patrice Clark, WLOX News

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX)- Folks at Lake Mars Landing in Jackson County say their worst nightmare has coming true. Sticky globs of oil are washing up in Mississippi waters.

"It is very sad. It is one of those things that you think could have been prevented," said Jackson County citizen B.D. Root.

Root was one of the first people to spot the oily mess Sunday morning.

He couldn't believe what he saw.

"We have been lucky so far, but this is just the first sign of it. There is more to come," Root added.

As you can see, it is thick and heavy and it looks like chocolate.

Now 68 days into BP's oil spill. County officials say there is more than 350 thousand feet of boom trying to protecting our coastline .

But citizens like Rusty Little say the oil problem is only getting worse.

"It will stop boating. It will stop fishing in this area," said Jackson County resident Rusty Little.

Little says knowing that more oil is moving our way is a scary situation for South Mississippi.

"They can't stop it. No one has the answer," added Little.


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