The New and Improved Skycopter - - Jackson, MS

The New and Improved Skycopter

Skycopter is a fully integrated Electronic News Gathering helicopter capable of shooting and recording stunning High Definition audio and video and transmitting live images and audio through digital microwave downlink.

Front and center on Skycopter is an aerodynamic nose-mounted, gyro-stabilized Ikegami HD digital camera system with a Canon 22x zoom lens with a 2x extender.

Other equipment includes in-cabin talent and tail mounted micro cameras, video switcher, Geneva audio system, four color video monitors, off air digital television tuner, a Panasonic P2 HD video recording system with monitor, and a complete digital microwave transmission system. 

Skycopter accommodates a pilot, engineer/camera operator, and a reporter. It is capable of traveling at speeds up to 130 mph to quickly respond to breaking news stories.

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