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Friends of Belhaven murder victim speak out

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By Bert Case - bio | email

MADISON, MS (WLBT) - 26-year-old Charles Kuebler was screaming, in extremely vulgar language, as he was being taken from the murder scene in the back of a police car where he was handcuffed.

His victim was his girlfriend, 28-year-old Tamara Stuckey, better known to her many friends as Tammy Stuckey.

Tammy's boss, the owner of Beagle Bagle restaurant in Madison, 32-year-old Chad Segrest had pleaded with her two days before her death to break off the relationship with Kuebler.  He had nothing but praise for her as an employee.

"We told her that this is not a good relationship, this is not something you need.  I mean we cared about her.  She was precious," said Segrest.  "I have had customers cry this morning, and the one time that she asked me about her relationship, I said Tammy you cannot get involved with people when it's a one-sided relationship."

Segrest said Tammy told him she thought she could change the way Kuebler treated her.

"It was trouble from the beginning.  I mean you could tell it from her work aspect, boss aspect, asking her what's going on and finding out she is seeing this new guy, and connect the little dots," said Segrest.  "For some people they just can't connect the dots when they are that infatuated with somebody.  It's dangerous."

Tammy Stuckey worked at the Beagle Bagle in Madison.  WLBT talked with three people who worked with her, all of whom had nothing but praise for her, saying everybody just loved her. They all tried to talk her out of her relationship with the man now charged with her murder.

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