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Sex offender caught and off the streets

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WARREN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - It didn't take long to nab a sex offender on the lamb.

Just hours after we posted Lefeldt Rudd on our most wanted segment last night, he was spotted gambling in a Vicksburg casino.

Hinds County deputies are looking for 5 awol registered sex offenders. Lefeldt Rudd was one of them. A tip paid off. Rudd was spotted at a blackjack table in the river city last night. That's when his luck ran out.

Warren County authorities wasted no time making an arrest.

"The statistics will show sex offenders are on of the highest recidivism rate criminals on the street. Whenever we hear there is a non compliant offender in our area from another jurisdiction that is a priority issues for us to locate that individual," said Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace.

Rudd was convicted of sexual battery. Registered sex offenders are required to report in every 90 days. Rudd had not been seen or heard from since march 2009. He is charged with violation of probation and failure to register as a sex offender.

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