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Woman attacked in Jackson restaurant says identity was mistaken

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A woman was attacked while eating inside a Jackson restaurant, and she believes she was mistakenly targeted.  She had just sat down for a meal at Chili's on Briarwood Drive when she was brutally beaten.

The 27-year-old victim asked WLBT not to reveal her identity.  She was still shaken after the attack which happened around 3:30 p.m. Friday.

"I was attacked from behind," said the victim.  "I wasn't even looking that way, so I didn't realize until I was hit."

Attorney Latrice Westbrooks said Monday no one at the restaurant intervened while her client was brutally beaten by a man and a woman.  

"There was punching and kicking involved.  We do not know for certain whether a weapon was ever brandished or shown.  We do know threats were made," said Westbrooks.

The victim said it was a case of mistaken identity and that Chili's employees could have been involved.

"The last thing I remember they said is 'this is for my friend,'" said the victim.

Westbrooks said the attackers came into the restaurant roughly 10 minutes after her client and a friend sat down to eat. 

"A couple of Chili's employees thought she was someone else and made a phone call or two and had these two individuals come to the restaurant," said Westbrooks.

The woman would not discuss her injuries but said the worst part is not physical.  It's now fearing for her safety every time she leaves her house.

"Justice.  I don't know these people.  It's not right," she said.  "Always watch what's going on because obviously its not safe."

WLBT called Chili's in Jackson.  A manager would not comment and told WLBT to contact their corporate offices.  We have not received a call back from Chili's officials.

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