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Business ban extended in Rankin County

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) – Rankin County has extended a ban on certain businesses for six months. Some of the businesses banned outside of cities include pawn shops, title loan businesses, check cashing establishments and gold and silver or other precious metals businesses.   

Stores already in existence, like the new tattoo parlor just off Old Fannin Road, are not affected by the temporary ban.  

The county says it needs to ban stores like those that have been in Pearl for years to give it time to finish its new zoning maps and comprehensive plan. The board of supervisors, including reservoir supervisor Wood Brown, approved the ban unanimously. "All we did was extend the moratorium for six months, on those, until we have time to redo our county map, which will put into classifications maybe where some of these could go, or would go."

 The ban is strongly criticized by people like Jamie Hernandez who owns the new tattoo parlor in a shopping center just off Old Fannin Road. "Just because a tattoo shop is out here doesn't mean the property is going to go down or will bring in low class citizens to the area. We are bringing more to the area and they just don't see it that way. Everybody deserves a chance, this is America, this ain't a third world country." 

The moratorium does not affect existing businesses. They are grandfathered in. 

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