Car burglars target purses - - Jackson, MS

Car burglars target purses

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Purse thieves are striking in numerous areas of Jackson.  The victims all say they left their valuables in their car for just a second, and when they came back it was gone.

Police say it only takes a second for a car thief to break into a car.  They also say many crimes could be prevented if people would take the same amount of time to protect their valuables.

Theresa Moody of Jackson was a victim of a car burglary just Tuesday.  She ran into the Fondren post office to buy some stamps, but she made the mistake of leaving her purse on the front seat of her car.

When she came out 30 seconds later, her car window was broken, and her purse was gone. She claims police told her there have been other cases of similar burglaries in the same spot.

A WLBT reporter was the victim of a similar crime Monday, when she stepped away from a car with her purse inside for just a few minutes. Victims say they've learned a valuable lesson.

"My whole life, everything, all my credit cards, my drivers license, my insurance information, two check books, my lipstick, the reason I don't have any makeup they took everything, then went right over here to the Exxon and tried to use my credit cards right away before I could get back and get it reported," said a victim.

Jackson police are reminding people whenever they leave their car, even for a few seconds you should take steps to protect your valuables.  Remove all valuables from plain sight, that includes purses, GPS systems, MP-3 players and cell phones.

They also say it's a good idea to park in well lit areas at night.  Police say their auto burglary numbers area actually down, but the boldness of the criminals breaking into cars, seems to be going up.

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