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Jackson businesses are paying the price for shrimp and oysters

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By Ashley Conroy - email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Seafood lovers can expect to pay more for shrimp and oysters in the Capital City because of the Gulf of Mexico oil slick.

Some restaurants, such as Monte's Steak & Seafood off of Lakeland Drive, will have to charge more for these menu items because vendors are also charging more.

Owner Monte Agho has owned his restaurant for 19 years.  Since the coastal crisis, he admitted Wednesday to being concerned about his family-run business.

"So I try to buy more than what I normally used to buy for two weeks because I don't know how often the supply will last," Agho said.

When he buys more, that means more money is coming out of their pockets; therefore, Agho said he has no choice but to raise the price on the menu.

"So we know it's hard for everybody, but for us to stay open and for us to pay our bill, we must start charging extra for the shrimp and oysters if we can have it," Agho said.

Meanwhile, seafood distributor Ray Hoskins from the Louisiana Food Exchange is helping distribute seafood all over Mississippi.

Hoskins said it's the scare put in people's minds about gulf seafood not being safe that could make or break this industry along the gulf coast.

"We need the support of our people that's the nature of our industry the restaurant, and the hospitality, that's what we do," Hoskins said.

Meanwhile, purchasers are still getting products from fisherman along the western Louisiana and eastern Texas coasts. 

Hoskins said the government is more than monitoring what they distribute.  "So it's probably safer now than it has been in years because they're monitoring it so well right now," he said.

Agho said he's keeping a positive outlook on sales of those menu items that have oysters. 

"So you need to come and try my voodoo dish, and maybe we'll voodoo you to come back [laughs]," he said.

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