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Local bird mistaken for Bald Eagle

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Mississippi Kite Mississippi Kite

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BRANDON, MS (WLBT) - A concerned viewer called 3 On Your Side after spotting what he thought was our national bird.  Albert Milburn spotted the bird in the Robin Hood subdivision in Brandon.

He noticed the white head and believed it to be a young bald eagle.  WLBT contacted Libby Hartfield, the Director of the Natural Science Museum in Jackson to get her opinion.

Hartfield said Bald Eagles do not get their white heads until they are roughly five years old. She believes it is a baby Mississippi Kite and was likely making loud noises because it is just learning to fly.

"As you see behind me he's up in a little branch right now, but he's calling his mama or somebody because you can hear him peeping," said Albert Milburn

Bob Lorence, a bird rehab expert from Vicksburg, went to find the bird but it was not around. He believes it likely took off in flight.

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