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Heat may have played a part in Raymond man's death

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RAYMOND, MS (WLBT) - Rhonda Stewart and her daughter Leslie Ann Hood are grappling with shock after the sudden death of David Stewart.

"When he died he took my heart with him.  It's just going to be hard to replace that," said Rhonda Stewart of her husband.

David Stewart loved cycling.  For the last couple of years he would ride his bike every day.  "When he found something he was passionate about, he put his all into it.  He just immersed himself into the cyclist life," said Leslie Ann Hood.

Stewart said the 51 year old hopped on his bike to pay a water bill Friday.  Around noon his body was found 19 miles away from his home on Midway Road in Raymond.  According to Stewart, her husband was in good health.  She believes he suffered from heat exhaustion because he was complaining of tiredness and muscle cramps days before.

"We thought it was from riding.  We didn't know the heat was getting to him.  He'd say I'm so tired.  He was just exhausted and sweat and of course he had cramps so we had to get some heat wraps for him," said Rhonda Stewart.

Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham Stewart said the cause of death is pending, but says heat exhaustion could have played a part.  Some of the symptoms are heavy sweating, tiredness, headache and muscle cramps. 

If these symptoms worsen or last longer than an hour drink cool water, change into light weight clothing, get into an air conditioned room, and rest.

"I don't want this to happen to someone else's family," said Rhonda Stewart.

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