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Unkept property causes problems

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By David Kenney - bio | email

Jackson, MS (WLBT) - Residents of a south Jackson neighborhood have spent nearly two years trying to clean up an abandoned property. So far they've had no luck, so they decided to call 3 On Your Side.

The home is located at 3119 Alameda drive in south Jackson. It's one of several homes in the neighborhood that need attention. 

The last owners moved out two years ago, and vegetation has taken over, and it's now the home to a variety of varmints.

"I'm not talking little field mice, I'm talking very large rats that has bred into a snake population because that's their breeding ground, so that's their food source," says Brenda Williford who lives across the street in the home she grew up in. 

"The yard has not been touched since before the person who owned it died, the new owner or whomever has not done anything.  The house that's on this piece of property is literally falling in. The foundation is giving to a point where the walls are separated from the floors and there's at least a foot gap," says Williford.

The property is wide open to the elements. "It just diminishes the value of everything not only the real value of the residents in the area, but anyone coming to visit this, this is what they have to see in order to come visit someone in that area," says Brenda.

As we rode the neighborhood, we found more of the same. Homes that had been abandoned for some reason or another. Some barely visible through the brush. Speckled in between homeowners once fighting to hold on to their stake in the American dream, now in a battle against rampant blight.

We contacted the city Monday about the Alameda Drive property. They said they would send out someone to inspect the property immediately.

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