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Tenant who withheld rent pending repairs evicted as result

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Three on Your Side has received more complaints about negligence and filthy conditions at a Jackson apartment complex.

This time a former resident said she took a stand with Audubon Grove Apartment management and ended up homeless and robbed.

Joyce Wilson said she lived at Audubon Grove for four months complaining of everything from a front door that didn't lock to no air conditioning.

In June she withheld the $529.00 rental payment until management made improvements, but they took her to Hinds County Justice Court.

There she said the judge told her the legal way to get the work done, writing a letter to the complex listing the problems.

"I went to court and like I said I did what he said to do and I got home from work on Friday and I had this note on my door. My 30 days from the day that I wrote the note it wasn't even up yet," said Wilson.

The 33 year old single mother was evicted June 30th.

Now she's staying with relatives and was told by friends while at work that her apartment was being burglarized.

"Someone is coming out of your house with your stuff, so all of my stuff is gone. Then I called her and she said I had ample time to get it because it was a week, but I mean where was I supposed to put it at in a week's time," said the former Audubon Grove tenant.

Now the cashier has nowhere to turn and feels let down by the legal system and apartment management.

We called the Audubon Grove management and a lady who identified herself only as Tonya said she would pass on our request for comment to higher management.

In June Timothy Walker contacted WLBT complaining of raw sewage at the complex and management refusal to make repairs.

He pointed out abandoned units with mold and trash and sewage leaking from building F's foundation.

"What happens from here because I'm lost, and I don't know what to do now," asked Wilson.

It's a hard lesson for the Brandon native who said she had to pay a $130.00 deposit to secure a spot before she was allowed to tour the apartment that was filled with problems.

No one from Audubon Grove Apartment management returned our call for comment.

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