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Oil cap remains in place, oil not flowing

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By Jay Gray, NBC News

VENICE, LA - Sunday evening, the cap was still holding and the oil was still contained.

If the process and progress continues, BP engineers plan to keep the stack in place until they can permanently seal the well.

"We're hopeful, if the encouraging signs continue, we'll be able to continue the integrity test all the way to the point that we get the well killed," said BP Chief Operating Officer, Doug Suttles.

In Gulf Shores, AL residents were giving thanks.

"Lord we give you praise that the oil for now and hopefully forever has stopped flowing."

While understanding it will take a lot more faith and focus to get through this disaster.

"This is not over. We have people without jobs. We have a lot of clean up work to be done," the minister said to the crowd.

There is evidence everywhere, stained white sand and clean up crews.

A Navy blimp gathers data a searches for more strands of oil. Off shore work continues on the primary relief well. 

"From this point, we have about 100 feet vertically. and we have about four feet laterally to drill," Suttles added.

Teams could intersect with the fractured well and begin to pump in mud and cement by the end of the month.

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