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Another business robbed in Fondren District

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The store burglarized Wednesday night was Custom Optical, located at 661 Duling Avenue in Fondren.

Thieves didn't take any time, breaking into the store, breaking out the front glass and grabbing anything of value.  In this case, eyewear, valued at thousands of dollars, was taken.

Optrician Patricia Hammond got a unwelcome surprise on the morning of her 50th birthday.

"Glass had been broken out of the front door.  Apparently they came in that way my motion detector from my alarm set that off," said Hammond.

The thieves broke out the front glass and dove into her display cases, grabbing pair, after pair, after pair of glasses.  "At least 39 RayBan sunglasses were taken in my showcase," she said.   "I have Versace sunglasses.  They took about 11 pieces of that."

Hammond estimated she lost eight-thousand-dollars worth of merchandise in the burglary.  They don't leave cash in the store, but there were signs that's what the burglars were after.  There is a security system installed, but it wasn't recording.

"It's very discouraging, being an independent optician.  It's hard enough trying to make it on your own without someone coming in and taking all your stuff.  It's probably a value of at least eight thousand retain and four thousand wholesale," said Hammond.

Jackson police said Thursday they responded to the burglary within five minutes of getting the alarm.

Hammond has been at this location for four years.  This latest incident hasn't discouraged her, and she said she intends to stay in the district.

"Fondren, being a strong community, we try to stick together, and we want crime out of here, and so I encourage everyone to stick together, and we'll hopefully have a meeting next week to try to do something about security at night here when more of this is happening."

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