Torrent of water shoots from pavement - - Jackson, MS

Torrent of water shoots from pavement

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Some northeast Jackson residents got unexpected relief from the heat Friday -- from underground. 

A busted water line under Bellingrath Road unleashed a torrent of water that ripped through the pavement and shot high above the houses.

It's not clear why the six-inch pipe ruptured. It created a headache for public-works crews, but the kids loved it.

"It seems like it's bigger than some of the geysers at Yellowstone," said Scott Kennedy, who was playing in the water with friends. "It feels pretty good on a hot day to get in it."

Crews arrived shortly after WLBT did to turn off the water and begin repairing the pipe. City spokesman Chris Mims said the work was expected to be completed by Friday evening.

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