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Jackson men claim they were wrongfully arrested

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By  Julie Straw - bio | email | twitter

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - While Ridgeland Police were in hot pursuit of the armed robbery suspect, two by-standers said they were wrongfully arrested.  Marcus Chambers and Michael Wright were near Wright's home on Kings Road Avenue in Jackson late Thursday night.

They noticed the police cars driving around and walked out to check what was going on.  The men claim that is when an officer drove up and arrested them.

"They were telling us to get on the ground and I was handcuffed and put on the ground.  My friend which is my neighbor also was put on the ground, they started kicking and beating up on him," said Marcus Chambers.

"He just said freeze and said, "I got him, I got him." I put my hands up, my girlfriend put her hands up.  He just hauled off, kicked me in the stomach, put the handcuffs on me and got to beat me up and I said one thing, "you got the wrong man," said Marcus Chambers.

Wright said he was injured and went to Baptist Hospital.  Ridgeland Police said their officers were not involved in those arrests.  Calls to Jackson police were not immediately returned.

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