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Officials warn coastal crisis is not over

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GULF OF MEXICO (WLBT) - 100 days ago a catastrophic mile-deep oil rig explosion killed 11 workers, spewed 94-million to 184-million gallons of oil and affected everyone who works, lives, and even plays along the gulf coast.

Good news Wednesday, the capped well is holding, and progress is being made toward closing it permanently.

The bad news is nearly ten times more gulf beaches from Louisiana to Florida were closed or posted health warnings this summer as compared to last year, more than 2,200 in all.

But for those hoping that Labor Day weekend will be "normal" along the gulf, officials have a warning.

"We need to continue the response until the well is killed, and after the well is killed we need to understand that four-to-six weeks after that we're probably going to see oil on the beaches," said Retired Admiral Thad Allen, National Incident Commander.

Tar balls, oil sheen, globs of crude and petroleum smells have marred some beaches since the coastal crisis began.

B.P. said it is setting aside 32.2-billion dollars to cover the long-term costs of the spill.

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