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Jackson resident claims police never responded to call

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By Roslyn Anderson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - 74-year-old Sarah Pittman says Jackson police never responded to her 9-1-1 call Monday after two young men came to her Sage Street home looking for her great grandson and money for a gun they claimed he owned.

"Then he just did like that.  I thought he was to leave, then he pulled his gun out, and he said y'all gonna give me my damn gun.  He said I mean it.  You gonna give me my damn gun.  You know we're both sitting side by side from one to the other," said Pittman.

Pittman said she called police when they finally left the house, but they remained on the porch.

"I goes back, and I called again, and the lady that talked to me she got real smart.  She asked me said 'Ma'am, what are you calling for now?'  I said the same thing I called you for near about an hour ago," Pittman said.

According to police the dispatched officer came here one street over to Sears Street instead of Sage Street.

"But we do realize that the stakes are high, and when citizens call us we need to get it right the first time," said J.P.D. Assistant Chief Lee Vance.

Vance said an investigation is underway Wednesday.

"We've pulled the tapes of when the first and second calls came in.  We have supervisors that are reviewing the dialogue between the complainant, the officer and the dispatcher.  All of these conclusions will be forwarded up through the chain of command," said Vance.

Pittman said a friend on the force did come to her home that night, and a female officer returned Tuesday requesting that she fill out some paperwork.

She also said the un-named officer, who was initially dispatched, came to her home Tuesday to apologize, but she said it is too little too late.

"Who can you get to protect you?  They're supposed to be protecting and serving, but they do not do it," said Pittman.

She said she plans to file charges against the two young men and a formal complaint with the police department.

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