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Pitbulls go postal

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN (NBC) - A Minnesota mail carrier is recovering from surgery and dozens of puncture wounds after being mauled by two dogs in Minneapolis Tuesday.

31-year-old Bryan Bloomquist was delivering mail when two 9 month-old pit bulls came bolting out of a house and attacked him.

"I knew dogs were a hazard when I took the job, but you don't think it's ever going to happen to you," said Bryan.

Neighbors and the dogs' owner tried to pull the dogs off the mail carrier, one even beating the dogs with a baseball bat, but nothing would stop them.

"He stumbled. The dog tackled him on his back. And I thought he was going for his neck," said De'Angero Boldt, who tried to help Bryan.

The animals eventually turned on responding police officers, who fatally shot both of them.

Bloomquist suffered at least 40 puncture wounds that needed stitching up, and additional scratches and injuries. The wounds were significant enough that the mail carrier needed surgery.

The owner of the dogs says his family was in the process of moving, which may have had the dogs in an agitated state.

He said he's never had problems with the dogs, named True and Bam Bam, and is not sure why they attacked.

"It's a bad situation. They're my dogs. I felt worse for the mailman but my dogs are dead," said De'Oncio Jackson.

De'Oncio said while he owns the dogs, they are registered to his uncle. The uncle received a $675 citation from animal control. Investigators are also considering criminal charges. "I'm just so glad those people showed up when they did because I don't know what would have happened if they didn't," said Bryan. "I don't wish what happened yesterday on anybody."

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