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3 On Your Side: fence fight

By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Celeste Heidelberg of Jackson just extended her fence further out toward the street on the side of her Floral Drive home. She showed us documentation that reveals the City of Jackson's permit division signed off on her plan back in January. But now they want her to tear down the extension.

She says it's because her next door neighbor complained that she couldn't see past the fence when she pulled out of her driveway. That neighbor was not available for comment.

"After the neighbors complained, the City of Jackson came out, told me I had to take the fence down," Heidelberg says.

But Heidelberg tells us says the city also told her the fence extension violated code because it's too close to the street. We measured it; it's about 13.5 feet from the street. It certainly doesn't appear to be a violation.

3 On Your Side looked online and found one city ordinance pertaining to fences that obscure motorists' view, but we couldn't find an ordinance regarding the minimum distance a residential fence needs to be from the street. One ordinance states fences may be permitted "along the edge of any yard".

Heidelberg says if the city wants her to move the fence back, even though they signed off on her permit, she expects the city to pay for it. She estimates tearing down the extension and moving it back will cost about $600.

"I feel they're giving me the runaround because I'm a woman. That's number one," Heidelberg says. "Then, if you made an error, the citizens of Jackson should not be responsible for your error."

We're waiting on a response from the city on the issue.  

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