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Shocking Entergy bill

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Madison County, MS (WLBT) A Madison county couple received quite a surprise this month, when they opened their power bill.

Inside was a bill for several thousand dollars, and a note from Entergy saying their meter had not been working properly.

Thomas and Georgia Douglass have lived in the same home for 14 years. They say their Entergy bill has never gone above 40 dollars . . . . until now.

Now the power company says they've made a billing mistake, and they owe for power used in previous months.

Georgia Douglass, "Thomas said it's awfully thick, so when I opened it and it was $4,162.00".

 After their power meter was replaced last month, the Douglass's say their bill shot sky high. They also received a note that their meter was not working properly, and they were being back billed two years.

"I can't pay that kind of stuff," said Thomas Douglass as he starred at the bill with a looming August 17th cut-off date.

The Douglass's went to Entergy and were able to get their bill dropped to $3,000.00.. They're on a fixed income and have no way to pay it all. 

Entergy officials say they're investigating the unusually high bill.

Spokesperson Mara Hartmann told WLBT, "What we do in a situation like that, we go back and we look at the history of bill payments they've had over time and we try to recreate that some history, so we can get an idea of what their bill approximately have been."

The Douglass's say their bills never been that high. In the last three months it's only been about $14 dollars a month.

Entergy officials say if you suspect your bill is too low, you should contact them just as you would if it was too high.

Thomas Douglass says, "If you can send a person out here to read my meter and I can pay every month it's not my problem, it's their problem."

For more information on how to get help with high utility bills, click on the link to the right.

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