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Dispatcher could not find location of Wright's 911 call

By Jason Miles - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Germantown police released details Monday of how dispatchers handled a 911 call received from Lorenzen Wright's cell phone on the night he disappeared.

The call from Wright's phone was received by Germantown's 911 dispatch center just hours after the NBA star was last seen alive by his family.

In a statement made to detectives, exactly what dispatcher Claudia Woods heard is withheld, but it was previously reported to be a series of gunshots.

Woods, who answered the call from Wright's phone, claims she made an unsuccessful attempt to call the number back before trying to map its location.

"I looked at the latitude and longitude and determined that it apparently was not in our jurisdiction, and turned it over to my supervisor who attempted on his iPhone to plot the lat and long and could not plot it," she is quoted in the statement.

Apparently, Germantown does not have the technology to plot the location of a cell phone call placed outside its city limits. In a separate interview with detectives,  Communications Lieutenant Donald Taylor states, "Obviously, there's some newer technology out there that will make it a lot better job...but we're somewhat limited, you know, because of cost."

Taylor says the call from Wright's phone was not reported to other agencies because, "The information I had was an unknown call from an unknown location.  I didn't know where the call was.  We had no knowledge of who the caller was."

Germantown Police eventually shared information about the call, some nine days later, and other agencies pin-pointed its origin to a tower not far from where Lorenzen Wright's badly decomposed body was found.

It remains unclear about what finally prompted Germantown police to tip off other agencies about the call.

An attorney for the Wright family believes finding the body sooner would have protected evidence and reduced the amount of pain and suffering by the family.

You can read the dispatcher statements for yourself by clicking here.

A memorial service is scheduled to be held Wednesday afternoon for Lorenzen Wright at FedExForum.  You can watch that service live on WMC-TV 5 and WMCTV.com beginning at 1:00pm.

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