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Identity stolen when bills left in mailbox overnight

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - An area bank issued a warning after mailboxes were raided in Rankin and Madison counties.

One Rankin County bank said that people are being ripped off for thousands of dollars when thieves steal people's bills at night.

Stolen checks are used to create identical counterfeit checks and within hours are at a teller's window illegally cashing in.

"People are patrolling around. If they see a flag up, they take the mail out of the mailboxes and they have access to information on legitimate accounts and they are counterfeiting the checks," said Sandy Collins, president of Rankin County BankFirsts.

Collins said thieves have stolen some $40 thousand from business customers in the past 90 days at area banks.

She urges everyone to take precautions.

Officials say do not leave mail in the box overnight.

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