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Officials say "static kill" is working on oil well

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GULF OF MEXICO (WLBT) - After 107 days of delays and disappointment, BP officials said Wednesday the "static kill" to plug up the broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is working.

Engineers pumped heavy drilling mud into the blowout preventer and then down to the leaking well, forcing the crude back down to its reservoir.

The operation is being closely monitored to make sure there are no sudden spikes in pressure.

Drilling on relief wells could resume this week if the "static kill" continues holding.

A federal report on the gulf oil spill said nearly 207-million gallons have leaked from the blown well.  It said a little more than 172-million gallons of that have made it into the gulf waters.

The White House Office on Energy and Climate Change Policy has confirmed a new government report that said a majority of the oil spilled is gone.

"The vast majority of the oil is gone.  It was cleaned up.  It was burned.  It was skimmed.  It was contained.  Mother nature did its part...really is good news," said Assistant to the President Carol Browner.  "It's a testament to the response that we launched.  Close to   seven-thousand vessels, over 40-thousand people.  You know we are going to continue to work with the citizens of the gulf.  It's not over.  We're not saying it's over, but, I do think there's some good news today."

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