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Burglars target Jackson business repeatedly

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By David Kenney - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Part by part, Michael Cox is watching his business being taken from him.

"We had batteries stolen," said Cox.  "They're even going as far as taking the radiators out, taking the wheels and tires off 'em."

A series of burglaries in the last week has left many vehicles stripped in his downtown lot, and he's rethinking his business plan.

"Cars are expensive now a days.  Parts are expensive, wheels, tires to replace some of this stuff taken in the last week.  We probably talking three-four thousand," he said.

Cox said the parts are being sold on the black market.

"I don't know why they're getting radiators.  I guess to get the copper out," he said.

Cox even confronted someone trying to resell his own parts on Highway 80 last week.

"They told us unless we had the serial numbers off the wheels we couldn't prove who they belong to, so, therefore, we couldn't get them back," said Cox.

From batteries to tires, to entire rims, Michael Cox said he's doing all he can to protect his investment.  He made a conscious decision to keep his business in the Capital City, but now burglars are making him unsure about his business security.

"I hope it doesn't stop the progress.  There's things I'm doing in downtown Jackson I want to work, but you look around, and that's why the Buick place is not here anymore.  That's why Paul Moak's not here anymore," said Cox.

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