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2nd report of man trying to lure Madison child into car

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MADISON, MS (WLBT) - "Watch your kids because it could be your kid next time."  Thomas Cochran has this advise for other parents after he said a man exposed himself to his 8-year-old daughter Saturday near their home on Bennington Point in the Bradford Place Subdivision.  She was on her scooter when he stopped her.

"He said 'hey come here.'  My daughter says 'No, I'm selling raffle tickets for my softball team.' He opens the door and gets out in nothing but boxers with his private and everything showing," said Cochran.

His daughter made it safely home, and the suspect drove away.  Madison police said the girl was the first reported victim.

The white male was in a gold four-door car.  He was described as 35-to-40 years old with very short hair and gapped or missing teeth.

"The incident this morning there was a boy and a girl present," said Captain Robert Sanders with the Madison Police Department.

Sanders said the second incident happened Wednesday in the Sherborne Subdivision.

"We want to get the word out and try to identify this person.  Like I said in fact what the person's intentions are, and we're just asking the community to kind of be our eyes and ears," he said.

Police said he's approached children under the age of 10.  So far no one has been harmed, and they've all stayed away from the vehicle.

"I'm deeply concerned," said Madison resident Matt McDaniel.

McDaniel also lives on Bennington Point and as a father of three said he's disturbed that it is happening in his quiet community.

"Kids have been able to ride up and down the streets on their bikes and no problems.  We're cautionary to our kids all the time, but this took us all by surprise," he said.

Police have alerted area homeowners associations and want parents and residents to an keep an eye out for anyone suspicious in the area.

"We moved from South Jackson to the Byram area.  It doesn't matter where you live.  They're everywhere," said McDaniel.

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