Bogus check ring bust in Pearl - - Jackson, MS

Bogus check ring bust in Pearl

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The Pearl Police Department is announcing the breakup of a major check counterfeiting ring.

Eight people have been arrested and police are looking for three others. Those arrested are:

  • Dexter Terrell Butler
  • Vincent Reuben Anderson
  • Calvin Terrell Shelton
  • Mindy Chrome Stamps
  • Markita Lashay Harris
  • Tramaine Sade Kelly
  • Vincent Edward Pack
  • Ray T. King

Police are still looking for:

  • Patrick Johnson
  • Jasmine Tondalayo Walker
  • Natasha Latrice Brister

The ring is accused of ripping off area businesses for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Eight people have been arrested and police are looking for three others.

Pearl police Lt. Butch Townsend says, "They attempted over $300,000.00 worth. I think they actually got about half that."

Townsend says the group used the cash to live lavishly in Jackson while cashing checks at some businesses multiple times.

Investigators say the checks were manufactured, with real bank information from accounts linked to local and national companies with locations in the metro area.

"Some were former employees at these places and they would make a very close version of that check, or a check from a purely fictional company and cash it as well," says Townsend.

8 people were arrested, and police are still looking for 3 more.

One major player, 35-Year-Old Patrick Johnson of Jackson is still on the loose.

Investigators say 11 more warrants will likely be issued in this case.

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