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Walmart employee arrested for counterfeiting

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RIDGELAND, MS (WLBT) - An employee at the Ridgeland Walmart store has been arrested in a counterfeiting case.

Ridgeland Police arrested Anthony Demon Hogue Wednesday night.  He was an overnight employee at the Ridgeland store on Wheatley Street.  Police say Hogue is charged with counterfeiting checks and money, and they believe he is connected to the counterfeiting ring authorities busted a few weeks ago.

Asia Miles contacted 3 On Your Side after she ended up with $140 worth of fake $20 bills.  Miles went back to Walmart after she learned the bills were counterfeit and ended up going to Ridgeland police, who launched an investigation and confirmed she had become the victim of a counterfeiter -- and so had Walmart.  Police say Miles has a chance of getting some of her money back.  Walmart declined comment to us.

Lt. John Neal of Ridgeland police says it is not known how much counterfeit money Hogue  passed. 

"We are not sure where he is getting the money from, or how long he has been associated with whoever is printing the money for him," Neal told WLBT. "We don't believe this is actually the gentleman who is doing the printing. He may just be a middle man somewhere, and this is a way for him to get money up into the system, and get some proceeds from it as well. Looks like Mr. Hogue was getting money into the system by personally buying stuff while he was at work that would put the money into the cash registers. We believe that the money came back out before it got into the auditor's trail."

Hogue is now being questioned by Ridgeland police, who have promised to alert WLBT if they get any new information about counterfeit money being circulated as a result of this case.

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