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"enHance" recognizes environmental stewardship

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By Ashley Conroy - email

FLOWOOD, MS (WLBT) - It's called "enHance," and it's a program to encourage manufacturing plants around the Magnolia State to be environment stewards.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality said Thursday about 18 companies around the state currently participate.

One of these plants, Nucor Steel, is a steel production plant in Flowood.  Nucor Steel is part of North America's largest recycler, Nucor Corporation.

Vice President James Sheble said 100 percent of the metal they use to make the steel comes from recycled goods.  "We actually break down the scrap metal into a recyclable form," said Sheble.

Sheble said they use anything from crushed cars to refrigerators to washing machines.

"It's a big part of what we do and probably a big reason we're involved in the enHance program because of that," Sheble said.

Once these materials are crushed and broken down they are placed into a furnace that is heated at 3000 degrees.

Environmental Manager Cay Burton has played a major role in Nucor participating in the program.

He said it's not only the use of recycled goods that makes them environmental stewards, but it's also the company keeping a check list of its energy consumption.

"We track our energy consumption and work to improve our energy consumption be it natural gas or electricity," Burton said.

Burton said even the water used to cool down the steel products once it goes through the furnace is 100-percent recycled.

"It's the conservation part of it.  Resources are limited, and we have to take care of those resources for ourselves and our future generations," said Burton.

An MDEQ spokesperson, Robbie Wilbur, said the purpose of enHance is to recognize many companies throughout the state who may not otherwise be recognized for their environmentally-conscience efforts.

"Cause we know there's a lot of companies out there doing good work, and we just didn't have a mechanism to capture that information," Wilbur said.

He said MDEQ is accepting applications through September 30th for other companies in Mississippi that wish to participate.

For more information on enHance through MDEQ go to: http://www.deq.state.ms.us/enhance.

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