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Could MS be a source for bio diesel fuel?

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RAYMOND, MS (WLBT) - It is not new information that materials like this switch grass can be used to make bio diesel and other forms of fuel. What is new, is that more refined forms of grass are being developed that give a higher yield per acre. This switch grass is being raised in an experimental plot at the Mississippi State University's Brown Loan Experiment Station near Raymond.

People at the bio fuel conference, like Dr. Brian Baldwin, Professor of Agronomy and Genetics believe switch grass and other grassy biomass materials may become the most grown crop in Mississippi.

"The reason we are growing these fuel crops is to keep the cost of our gasoline low. Do you see this as something that will happen quickly, or over a long period. It will occur over a long period," said Dr. Brian Baldwin, professor of Agronomy/Genetics at Mississippi State University.

Mississippi's climate, soil and long growing season make it ideal for raising sustainable bio energy production. Governor Haley Barbour believes there is a bright future in the state for switch grass and other grass production.

"There is no question that there is potential for growing crops, in Mississippi for the purpose of turning them into fuel," Governor Haley Barbour said.

Experts at Mississippi State think it is possible switch grass could become the top crop in the state in terms of number of acres planted, not in monetary value of crop.

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