More details about accused child predator revealed in court - - Jackson, MS

More details about life of accused child predator revealed in court

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 MADISON, MS (WLBT) - 49 year old Ricky Davis was escorted into the courtroom with his hands and feet shackled Thursday.  The Jackson man is accused of trying to lure children to his car.  Two incidents were reported to Madison Police, one on July 31st at the Bradford Place subdivision and one August 4th in the Sherbourne subdivision.  Davis was arrested on August 6th after police noticed him driving in and out of various Madison neighborhoods. 

"Everybody has a reason for driving around.  He has one.  It is not something I'm going to go into right now," said Davis' Attorney Mike Scott.

He argues it was not Davis the police were after because the children described a man in a gold sedan.  Scott said the sedan Davis drives is not that color. 

"It's a car he did have access to.  He did drive it, but it's a green car.  It's not a gold car," said Scott.

He is referring to the Ford Taurus that belongs to Reverend Keith Tonkel of Wells Memorial United Methodist Church in Jackson.  Davis had been living with Tonkel, his wife and his adopted son in their Fondren home for months until Davis' arrest.

"For the last several months Ricky has been invaluable to us," said Tonkel.

Reverend Tonkel said he has known Davis for 40 years and considers him family.  Davis was helping take care of the Reverend's wife who is battling brain cancer.  He requested bond be reduced from $2 million to $100,000 so Davis could return to their home.  Judge Dale Danks denied that request.

Judge Danks decided there is enough evidence to turn over Ricky Davis' case to a grand jury.  Davis is charged with two counts of attempted exploitation of a child and two counts of attempted kidnapping.

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