Resident asks for help with unkept drainage ditch - - Jackson, MS

Resident asks for help with unkept drainage ditch

By David Kenney - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) A Northeast Jackson resident called Three On Your Side, requesting help with a drainage ditch in his neighborhood.

He claims it hasn't been cleaned out by the city in over three years.

Lewis Brase has voluntarily cut the grass along this ditch at River Oaks Boulevard for 13-years.

He says the city has allowed it to turn into a cess pool and headache for residents.

"It doesn't drain the neighborhood, that's what's wrong with it. Every time we get a heavy rain, it overflows," says Brase.

On both sides of the road, heavy brush has taken over, hiding the ditch all together.

There's also plenty of liter preventing proper drainage.

Brase says, "It's full of snakes, it's full of rats, it's full of frogs, raccoons."

Brase uncovered another part of the drain problem, a collapsed culvert. He's alerted the city but hasn't seen any results yet.

Brase is afraid if the ditch is not attended to, property values will plummet around him, and crime will move in. That's why he's not stopping until it's cleaned up.

In recent days he was able to get the ditch on the public comments portion of an upcoming city council meeting.

He's also got a promise from the city bridge and ditch division that it would be cleaned up. 

We'll keep you posted.

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