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3OYS: Residents frustrated with overgrown lot problems

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By David Kenney - bio | email

Jackson, MS (WLBT) - Residents in the Georgetown neighborhood are fighting with the city to get rid of an eyesore and a health hazard.

The problem is an abandoned lot located at the dead end on Maderia Avenue.

Eighty-five-year-old Lallie Jones owns her family home right next to where weeds grow as tall as basketball players.

Jones says, "It disgraces my neighborhood. I wouldn't wanna be living on a street like that if they didn't have nowhere to lay down. I don't like it and I've been begging the city till I can't beg no more."

Rats and snakes are often unwanted visitors in Lallie's yard, all coming from this tall grass.

She says the city owns the property and kept it neat for years, then they just stopped.

"It looks beautiful when it's cut up but they stopped cutting it a long time ago. Said they wouldn't cut it anymore. I said they need to do something. They got taxpayers paying their taxes and I'm a taxpayer and I done paid my taxes and I deserve what I'm supposed to have," says Jones. 

Residents here fear criminals could be lurking in the high grass at night.

They've already found abandoned cars left there.

Jones says,"I want it cleaned up, cause I'm sick of walking out there thinking I'll step on a snake."

When will the lot be cleaned? City officials couldn't say.

They did however give us an update on this property at 3119 Alameda Drive in south Jackson.

Last month we showed you why neighbors were complaining to the city about the abandoned home.

This property is on the Tuesday night city council agenda where they will vote to have the lot cleaned, and then to bid out the work.

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